Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Q) Why do I as a photographer charge more for my portraits then, photographers that do portraits in high street shops?

A)Because I dont beg for business, I dont have offer saying portraits NOW £25.00 was £125.00, sounds to good to miss that type of offer, but sit and think for a minute
you will take your child to a high street shop, the image will be taken on a camera previously set up and connected to a PC , After 3 to 4 shots your session is finished,

You will pay your £25.00 and be given a card to come back in a fortnight,

On return you will be given one 7x5 image, now comes the shocker , on a large screen or even in the sales persons hands will be the other images of your child starting at £65.00 each, They will be destroyed if you dont purchase them . so thats 4 images at £65.00, so you duly hand your card over to the sales person and pay another £260.00, so your 5 minute portrait session and 5 images have cost you £285.00.

Did the photographer spend time getting to know you? Did they spend time amusing your child? was there time for a change of clothing? did the photographer discuss your needs what you wanted from this session?

I can answer that NO
These people are not photographers they have to be skilled in sales

Portraits should be an investment, a true portrait should capture the spirit of the person, a portrait is something to treasure when your little baby leaves home, you should still have portraits to cherish

I take time i meet with my clients i talk to them about what they want, They smile in my images because they are happy not because i asked them to smile, I am a photographer an artists I create beautiful images to cherish

Will i fool you? no,. will i charge the earth? NO, will you have options of how your prints are displayed? YES

You see i am a photographer not a sales rep
Next time you want a portrait done just think for a minute and ask yourself what do i really want from my portrait session, Do you want to que for a 5 minute session?

or do you want a relaxed session to fit around you and your family in a place of your choice, with images to cherish
With a session starting at £65.00 and print prices from £15.00, I am actually cheaper and offer more

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Studio shoot

wow another week flown by, I am not a lover of dark morning short days and dark evening
means now some work has to be studio based,
I am debating on getting a green screen this seems to be the all new photographers studio tool,

A nice pop up background would be much easier then assembling the backdrop support when I visit clients, But then would a pop up background leave space to pose ? oh so hard making my mind up

I like my studio sessions to be fun, heres one i did earlier this week with a young girl, she was quick to relax and enjoy her session and we got some great fun expressive shots, and all done in the warm,

Dad enjoyed the session as well I aim more towards contemporary portraits to capture the natural personality of my clients , The aim is to have fun,

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Maria And Andy

Maria and Andy picked me to to be their wedding photographer , We had a a lovely day not weather wise as the heavens decided to open, Maria was very nervous

It gave me a chance to put all my camera skills into practice and I captured some wonderful moments for them to cherish their special day for years to come

Monday, 2 November 2009

Took a break

We have been away to Devon, taking in the beautiful Autumn colours , spending time on the dramatic coast and having walks on Dartmoor, as well as the odd Devon cream tea

Had a nice relaxing time, all apart from the caravan we stayed in, which was rather disgusting with mold growing up the walls and curtains. I certainly recommend you do NOT stay at Devon Cliffs resort,
they had run out of food and the camp shop was empty just a few pricey goods on the shelves

As for the staff whom one told me was very experienced as she had worked for Haven since May 2009, she among the others were the most unhelpful group of people i have ever encounter, very rude and with attitude like Vicky Pollard,

Its a shame as I always opt to stay on Haven sites great base and good evening entertainment, but not at this site

In fact unless Haven sort out the mess and the fact it cost me twice as much for a short break then it cost me for 10 days in July , i shall never use them again