Thursday, 18 November 2010


Baby Alistar 7 days old 
For awhile now I have been trying to specialize in the areas of maternity and new born baby picture, I now aim to take this further offering maternity sessions right through to babies first or second year, returning to take pictures of baby and family every three months. The early years to me as a mother are some of the most precious years, The joy of watching your child turn into a little person, Those wonderful little mile stones from first smile to branching out into the world with first steps.

Of course these session could be booked after the second year for a session on the same day each year until the child reach,s 18 I feel this would make an amazing family  history book, To capture the way the family change and grow from maternity through to adulthood. Just contact me if you would like to arrange a wonderful pictorial family history.

So how and what is involved with taking images of a wee little one. For a start for me as a photographer there is nothing so special about taking babies first portrait. It is an honour when parents ring me and ask me to take these pictures. My youngest little one this year was just 4 hours old. There is something amazing about a new born a miracle we take for granted, but babies soon lose that little newborn look within 7 to 8 days its gone forever.

To photograph babies means I have to be flexible. Its best to schedule the session for just after a feed although of course new borns  have no idea when lunch time is let alone night time . I know how  difficult being a new parent is this is why I come to you, There is no time limit on the session as your little  baby hasnt a clue on time. While I am with you  its fine to take a break for feeding in fact sometimes this is a great time to get some beautiful images of the closeness of mother and baby. Just recently two of my new mothers have asked me to take images of them breast feeding and believe me that are wonderful close moments capture forever.

I ask that the room is warm enough for baby to be comfy with no clothing on, and special outfits put out as plenty of time  for clothing changes, I need a little space but not much. I try not to use flash but do use a modeling light. I bring  soft white clean blankets with me and its really helpful if dad is present just to hold these up a little. The session is relaxed with plenty of input from mum and dad as to what type of images they  would like.

Unfortunately it can be pot luck to get a picture of a newborn whom has their eyes open after all the first 10 days or so are spent doing what babies do best feeding and sleeping.

As a mum myself I understand completely that your baby is the best baby in the world, I also understand how important and precious the first few weeks are.

To arrange a baby session to fit around your needs please do feel free to contact me for a chat

Below are  some beautiful little bundles of joy I have photographed in the last 6 months as you can see each one is a unique little miracle  and a pleasure to photograph

Baby Josh aged 4 days

Baby Hector 10 days old

Baby Sienna 4 hours old

Baby Ethan 10 days old