Saturday, 8 October 2011


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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Date:             26th August 2011

Venue:          Braintree registry office

Reception:    Little Easton

Weather:       Rain

Monday, 29 August 2011


Nothing is so precious , or brings home so much love, as brand new baby sent from above

A baby changes things;
They’ll never be the same;
Your life is filled with wonder,
Since your little miracle came.

There’s lots of things to do now,
But with the new tasks you face,
Your family gains more love,
And bonds time will never erase.

Congratulations to you all on your new additions 

With love from Andrea of Andrea's Photography

Monday, 22 August 2011


Well we took a holiday we staycation. This year it was Cornwall my sons choice as it was his 18th birthday.
For me a holiday with my kids is just about chilling out and relaxing just go with the flow. I never have a plan for a holiday we just do what ever we feel. This works really well for us as time together is not forced it just gentle comes along.

Its also amazing to see how much the children have changed gone are buckets and spades and sand castles decorated with flags and shells. Now comes the suntan lotion and Ipod and magazines.

Gone are night time stories of a spooky theme . Now it barbecues and a bottle of wine.

Trips to the beach ice cream and donkey rides are replaced with lounging by the pool or having a late evening meal, or sitting on the dunes watching the sun go down.

I cherish each holiday I have had with my children, I cherish the time I have had with them and watched them grow from wiggle pink things into adults making their own choices in life From shy little wall flowers to now stepping out with confidence.

I watched my son one evening walking along the shore and it reminded me of the Footprints in the sand as a Mother we always carry our children in our hearts and minds how ever old they are.

Yes we had fun we went to lots of places marvelled at the sunsets and scenery, we laughed together and swore when none of the lanterns would stay alight and take off, best of all we were doing all this together..
Hope you enjoy a few of my holiday snaps..

Saturday, 20 August 2011


I had a great time photographing  Marks family and  a few of their friends , What better way  to have fun then going outside and allowing people to run around play with their kids and generally have a really great time. This session took approx 2 hours . The 2 hours time is photo time ,  I allow for changes in clothing settling the children etc this is not taken off family photo time.

The aim is to capture not just a family portrait but a range of images for everyone.

To book a session do contact me session fee is £75.00 and I,m available most days of the week including most weekends as I am a full time professional photographer.

small print is 50% booking fee must be paid to secure your booking.

I hope you enjoy a small selection from Marks family photo session of course there are many many more pictures from this session. That everyone is thrilled with

Thank you to Mark for allowing me permission to share these images

We are family

Best friends



The Boys

The Kids

Father and Son

Mother and Son

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Beautiful bumps

I so wish this type of photography had been available when I was expecting my children, It would be so great to add to a baby book or just to look back on , or even share at a later date when I,m due to be a grandma.

I love the idea of bump photography and try to treat each lady differently getting unique images she can share and cherish.

As I come to you all I ask for is a little clear space to do those subtle bump pictures, If its a nice day we can go outside and include your partner or other children. I will only ever take pictures your comfortable with, some ladies like to be nude thats fine some ladies really dont want to take their clothing right off thats also fine. The aim is to show off your bump in away you feel comfortable with. To book a session just contact me on facebook or via my website.....

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lights Camera Action

I,m an outdoor photographer in fact I love the outside there is just so much to choose from. Yet time and time again I am asked do you have a studio?. Simple answer is NO but I do have one I can use , Although this does require some notice and extra expense as well as travel.

The studio I use is Photovogue in Frinton so a fair distance from Braintree. I guess you all think using a studio is a breeze well it certainly is not. Photographing outside means I have learnt to deal with diverse lighting conditions I am used to telling my camera what to do . I occasionally use fill flash or off camera flash, but havent really had to deal with softbox,s and beauty dish,s and snoots.

So I took my family to the studio to have a practise with studio lighting.

Even with the use of a few props and a fan I found the environment cramped and rather then capturing fun natural images most images had to be posed.

It was difficult to fit everyone into the scene and to negotiate around wires and light stands to get a good angle on the people.

We tried to opt for some more fun images using high key and low key lighting

Again I struggled with space and fitting all 3 children in.
I gave my son the camera because he moaned they had been posing now it was my turn ..

We did get some nice portraits but everyone said they prefer the pictures I take of them outside. They liked the freedom of running around and being themselves, They liked the fact that you can have great backdrops outside to.

So you see I do have use of a studio if you prefer more formal posed portraits but if you want fun family photos that capture the true essence of your family then the great outdoors is by far the best

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I,m often asked how do you get such relaxed looking pictures of people. There is so much to think about when taking pictures like camera settings and do I need fill flash, Or will I need the reflector for this picture. Then of course there is the background to think about, no one wants a lamp post coming out the center of the head, So I thought I would put together this small posing sample.

I used my son and his girlfriend they are not models and in fact like most males my son is very reluctant to have pictures taken. The location a small open space near my home. The lens used was a standard 50mm F1.8 .
Here they  are just standing holding hands

Let try relaxing them by asking them to step apart a little

Lets getting them facing each other and looking towards me

Now ask them to look at each other and hug.
Now lets move in close and get Sarah to look at me.

Make use of your location to add interest to the pictures...

My sons arm would have been far better wrapped round Sarah yet he felt comfortable with this pose so its best not to push and make a person feel uncomfortable...

Lets come in close so the picture feels a little more romantic...

Lets move them slightly to make them look more comfortable..

Take a few images as we move down the field a little ,capture them unaware..

Having a little informal chat can mean you get a great capture..
Just observing your clients for a second or two can mean capturing their real personalities 

No couples photo session would be complete if you didnt get that kiss....

Thank you for viewing my blog do please leave a comment you can find me on facebook or contact me via my website. The couple I used here to show how to take better images of your  loved ones or friends are not models, They are just regular every day teens. I decided to use these two to demonstrate posing for the simple reason they dont know how to pose. Being a photographer is not just about clicking the shutter button but relaxing your clients and being able to make them feel comfortable so they come away with great pictures