Saturday, 2 October 2010


Well what an end to summer a rather abrupt one wasnt it. The nights are now pulling in at 3 minutes per day and I must admit to switching on my central heating on a fair few chilly evenings and mornings.

The wet weather has meant a few rescheduled lifestyle sessions , and a few indoor sessions
One of my favourite sessions this month was a family and bump session we did actually manage a few outdoor  pictures in the harsh low sunlight until the dark clouds decided to water the grass yet again.

Now i am looking forward to shooting a new little person.

September sees me going out for some street photography both locally and in London and Brighton, capturing people  unaware complete strangers I will never know. I love this kind of photography and capturing  different moods of people, Its like a little snap shot on British life. I recommend going with a friend if this is not practical then  use a zoom lens so  your intended subject is not aware your near them.

Isnt it against the law ?I hear you cry, well no not if your in a public place, This excludes railway stations and underground, Most public places your fine in but you must not course a nuisance, Basically do not follow people around and dont be to intrusive with your camera distance is better then close up. There are plenty of websites offerring guide lines for candid/street photography.

Street shot Witham


Candid London

Candid London

Candid London

I have also been adding a little more art to my own images now I have CS5, This can be time consuming but great fun, 
An image of a street entertainer in London

mixture of 5 images 

A view of London and hand drawn window .

Also this month as you may have seen on my facebook profile. I had my picture taken with my daughter . Its not often I get my picture taken so Thanks to Robbo and the GNPC studio

My girl and I

So rolling in to October when mother natures studio is at her best, So why not put on your wellies hats n scarfs and book a fun outdoor photo session with the backdrop of golden Autumn hues. A few dates are booked on the mornings of the 24th and 25th as I am doing lifestyle session at Westonbirt The national Arboretum, supposedly the most spectacular Autumn colour in the UK. If your in the area and would like an afternoon session at the Arboretum then please do contact me  ASAP

Well bye bye September remembered for her rain and roll on October

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