Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Q) Why do I as a photographer charge more for my portraits then, photographers that do portraits in high street shops?

A)Because I dont beg for business, I dont have offer saying portraits NOW £25.00 was £125.00, sounds to good to miss that type of offer, but sit and think for a minute
you will take your child to a high street shop, the image will be taken on a camera previously set up and connected to a PC , After 3 to 4 shots your session is finished,

You will pay your £25.00 and be given a card to come back in a fortnight,

On return you will be given one 7x5 image, now comes the shocker , on a large screen or even in the sales persons hands will be the other images of your child starting at £65.00 each, They will be destroyed if you dont purchase them . so thats 4 images at £65.00, so you duly hand your card over to the sales person and pay another £260.00, so your 5 minute portrait session and 5 images have cost you £285.00.

Did the photographer spend time getting to know you? Did they spend time amusing your child? was there time for a change of clothing? did the photographer discuss your needs what you wanted from this session?

I can answer that NO
These people are not photographers they have to be skilled in sales

Portraits should be an investment, a true portrait should capture the spirit of the person, a portrait is something to treasure when your little baby leaves home, you should still have portraits to cherish

I take time i meet with my clients i talk to them about what they want, They smile in my images because they are happy not because i asked them to smile, I am a photographer an artists I create beautiful images to cherish

Will i fool you? no,. will i charge the earth? NO, will you have options of how your prints are displayed? YES

You see i am a photographer not a sales rep
Next time you want a portrait done just think for a minute and ask yourself what do i really want from my portrait session, Do you want to que for a 5 minute session?

or do you want a relaxed session to fit around you and your family in a place of your choice, with images to cherish
With a session starting at £65.00 and print prices from £15.00, I am actually cheaper and offer more

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