Wednesday, 30 December 2009


This time of year is just as busy for me, with 2010 approaching fast i need to come up to date
Finding new suppliers, giving my web site a revamp, checking pricing,with the new VAT increase, sorting out advertising , the list goes on

Problem is all these little things take a lot of time

I have learnt one lesson this week from a visit to a prospective client that just having a web based portfolio isnt enough, I now need to get a printed version

Deciding on which wedding album to supply there are so many out there in price ranges from £50 to over £2000

Updating my processing software is another minefield, Having tried the free trials and found the software does not deliver what is promised

Purchasing of new lenses yes lenses wear out, To get the best shots i use professional glass , that does not come cheap around the £2000 mark for a good quality lens

going over ever aspect to make sure i always deliver what clients want

Did i hear Christmas is a time to relax??? Maybe next year

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