Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Finding new places

Well I felt like doing some landscape photography and having really exhausted flat Essex, I decided to venture into the Chilterns. First stop was Pitstone and the little 13 century church . which is open on Sundays and Bank holidays from May until September.

Next port of call was the windmill with a nice walk across the countryside , taking in a pleasant view, We then made our way to Ivinghoe beacon, a good hill climb.

Stopping off at Whipsnade and The Chiltern gateway to fly a kite. Certainly different from Essex. It was also wonderful to watch the Red tailed Kites flying freely across the downs.

I normally take a holiday in July but this year has been fairly busy especially weekends and it looks as if 2011 and 2012 are going to be busier. I already have bookings for both years 12 bookings for 2011 and 5 already for 2012.

The good thing is my new passport arrived today so now to plan a trip I have promised myself for a long time which will be to Norway  around March 2011. I have been working out the places I want to go which include Finnmark for the Northern lights, Lofoten for whale  watching Svalbard island for Polar bears, the Fjord and oh so  much more

The best thing is I could not have achieve my dream without the support from friends . One of my biggest supporters and  the guy who made me believe in myself is my friend and fellow photographer Jeff Turnbull, whom  did tell me "Andrea this year is going to be great for you", did I believe Jeff at the time,no I didnt. Oh how wrong I was Thanks to his encouragement I have gone forward  not just with photo sessions and sales but also with the sales of my ICM images  which people in the USA cant seem to get enough off just recently .I decided to do a limit addition of an ICM print limited to just 10 canvas wraps including a certificate with the number of the print on so far I have sold 5 prints at just over five hundred pound each. This is just amazing and  each person whom purchased them has written back to me saying how thrilled they are with them. In fact 2 people put in further orders for different ICM prints .

Without the  encourage meant from Jeff and the others on the mentoring workshop I would never have achieved this so my Thanks goes to Sam CarterDavid TyrerRoss Dean ,Gary Wilson and  not forgetting James Neale . Great photographer, great friends and a huge support

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2Max said...

It indeed is very encouraging when you (an accomplished & learned photographer) share your experience, your fears, your ambition with others on public platforms such as this blog, it helps folks like me who are all around the world, to pursue our own dreams, to try, to work harder and over come our own fears.

Thanks to you first of all, for your mind to share and encourage, then thanks to the latest technologies, for making it all possible.

Please keep up the good work. God bless.