Saturday, 14 August 2010

In Between The Rain

What a miserable few days we have had here in Essex grey skies rain,thunder,hail,wind and more rain. On the plus side my grass now looks a nice shade of green instead of burnt brown and my flowers certainly look a little perky.

Wednesday I took and afternoon trip out with my friend Amanda (click to see her images). We went to the lovely Mersea Island off the coast of Essex, Mersea is connected to the mainland via a causeway that can flood at high tide. Mersea is nestle between the Blackwater and Colne estuaries about 9 miles south east of Colchester . A wonderful little place to visit both East and West Mersea are different, with sandy beach,s as well as salt flats and marsh land. The weather was kind to us although we had cloud we didnt get any rain.

Thursday started off looking as if it may have been a fine day. I took a drive out through the Rodings and into Chelmsford by following the A1060  just before Chelmsford at the Writtle roundabout we found a field of wildflowers and sunflowers, Just had time to stop pick some flowers and get a few quick shots before the heavens decided to open and the rain came down and down and down.

Thursday night cleared allowing me to go out to  do some long exposures of the meteor showers and an extra added bonus of having the Northern lights intruded on my images. This we didnt know at the time as appeared to the naked eye as just intermittent random flashing across the night sky .

30 minute exposure capturing meteors.

8 minute exposure capturing the Northern lights Aurora Borealis.

To end my week Friday bought Thunder storms and more rain through out most of the day, A very cloudy night. Saturday looks much the same as well

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