Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I,m often asked how do you get such relaxed looking pictures of people. There is so much to think about when taking pictures like camera settings and do I need fill flash, Or will I need the reflector for this picture. Then of course there is the background to think about, no one wants a lamp post coming out the center of the head, So I thought I would put together this small posing sample.

I used my son and his girlfriend they are not models and in fact like most males my son is very reluctant to have pictures taken. The location a small open space near my home. The lens used was a standard 50mm F1.8 .
Here they  are just standing holding hands

Let try relaxing them by asking them to step apart a little

Lets getting them facing each other and looking towards me

Now ask them to look at each other and hug.
Now lets move in close and get Sarah to look at me.

Make use of your location to add interest to the pictures...

My sons arm would have been far better wrapped round Sarah yet he felt comfortable with this pose so its best not to push and make a person feel uncomfortable...

Lets come in close so the picture feels a little more romantic...

Lets move them slightly to make them look more comfortable..

Take a few images as we move down the field a little ,capture them unaware..

Having a little informal chat can mean you get a great capture..
Just observing your clients for a second or two can mean capturing their real personalities 

No couples photo session would be complete if you didnt get that kiss....

Thank you for viewing my blog do please leave a comment you can find me on facebook or contact me via my website. The couple I used here to show how to take better images of your  loved ones or friends are not models, They are just regular every day teens. I decided to use these two to demonstrate posing for the simple reason they dont know how to pose. Being a photographer is not just about clicking the shutter button but relaxing your clients and being able to make them feel comfortable so they come away with great pictures


Robby said...

That is great more!!!!

Mal said...

Nicely done great tips ;-)