Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lights Camera Action

I,m an outdoor photographer in fact I love the outside there is just so much to choose from. Yet time and time again I am asked do you have a studio?. Simple answer is NO but I do have one I can use , Although this does require some notice and extra expense as well as travel.

The studio I use is Photovogue in Frinton so a fair distance from Braintree. I guess you all think using a studio is a breeze well it certainly is not. Photographing outside means I have learnt to deal with diverse lighting conditions I am used to telling my camera what to do . I occasionally use fill flash or off camera flash, but havent really had to deal with softbox,s and beauty dish,s and snoots.

So I took my family to the studio to have a practise with studio lighting.

Even with the use of a few props and a fan I found the environment cramped and rather then capturing fun natural images most images had to be posed.

It was difficult to fit everyone into the scene and to negotiate around wires and light stands to get a good angle on the people.

We tried to opt for some more fun images using high key and low key lighting

Again I struggled with space and fitting all 3 children in.
I gave my son the camera because he moaned they had been posing now it was my turn ..

We did get some nice portraits but everyone said they prefer the pictures I take of them outside. They liked the freedom of running around and being themselves, They liked the fact that you can have great backdrops outside to.

So you see I do have use of a studio if you prefer more formal posed portraits but if you want fun family photos that capture the true essence of your family then the great outdoors is by far the best

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