Monday, 22 August 2011


Well we took a holiday we staycation. This year it was Cornwall my sons choice as it was his 18th birthday.
For me a holiday with my kids is just about chilling out and relaxing just go with the flow. I never have a plan for a holiday we just do what ever we feel. This works really well for us as time together is not forced it just gentle comes along.

Its also amazing to see how much the children have changed gone are buckets and spades and sand castles decorated with flags and shells. Now comes the suntan lotion and Ipod and magazines.

Gone are night time stories of a spooky theme . Now it barbecues and a bottle of wine.

Trips to the beach ice cream and donkey rides are replaced with lounging by the pool or having a late evening meal, or sitting on the dunes watching the sun go down.

I cherish each holiday I have had with my children, I cherish the time I have had with them and watched them grow from wiggle pink things into adults making their own choices in life From shy little wall flowers to now stepping out with confidence.

I watched my son one evening walking along the shore and it reminded me of the Footprints in the sand as a Mother we always carry our children in our hearts and minds how ever old they are.

Yes we had fun we went to lots of places marvelled at the sunsets and scenery, we laughed together and swore when none of the lanterns would stay alight and take off, best of all we were doing all this together..
Hope you enjoy a few of my holiday snaps..

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Rachel Tweeddale said...

These are gorgeous! What a beautiful place!