Saturday, 20 March 2010


Many people ask me how I get the eyes in my images so clear, well I could tell you about some expensive software that can add brightness and sharpness, I could describe a long way round it in Photoshop or I could tell you the simple way that I get such lovely eyes.

How do I get such stunning eyes in my images, well of course it requires top professional equipment so firstly is a pro body camera, Next of course is a pro lens. A pro lens is not your £500.00 pound lens or your £900.00 pound lens, Great glass comes at a great price and yes you do get what you pay for.

My second tip is to turn off all in camera sharpening. Thats right turn it off you see the sharpness that you induce either in camera or in photoshop actually reduces the detail rather then increase it.

It does not help either that digital images are always much softer then film, so this is where those expensive lenses come in, The better quality the glass in the lens the sharper the image will be.

An understanding of ISO, and white balance are important, I dont tend to rely on my cameras pre-sets but use the Kelvin scale, the lower end of the Kelvin scale gives a warm redder tone and the higher end gives a cool bluish tone

File format is important to JPEG and TIFF are compression file formats so the images are processed in the camera and then squashed down into a smaller size to save space on the memory card. With JPEG the cameras computer removes self similar pixels, for example a large area of blue in a landscape,s sky thereby reducing the final size of the the file saved.

TIFF files are also compressed but they use a different compression method allowing files to be reduced by around 50%

I shoot in RAW which isnt a format at all but the RAW unprocessed image data from the camera its advantage is no compression or control of how the image looks put simply a RAW file is a digital negative

Focus and DOF are also very important to keep eyes bright and sharp always focus on the eyes dont rely on auto focus and turn any VR controls to off

I class myself as an artists, my camera body being my brush handle, my lens being the finest brush for without the finest brush I would create a harsh image

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