Friday, 19 March 2010


I had a wonderful photo session with a small toddler yesterday, Her parents wanted natural non posed images to cherish, Capturing their daughter just being herself,

This would not have been possible in the confined space of a studio with its harsh lighting

The outside world is the best studio on offer one huge advantage is photographic sessions can be arranged anywhere, from your garden, to a park or beach, or any where that you desire

To many photographers are stuck in the Victorian style of stiff posed photo shoots,
while this may be what some people want more and more clients are wanting images that capture the essence of their family

What better way to capture true images that represent the real you,than to be some where you love and are relaxed and whats more some where you can have fun

Of course photos like this take effort from the photographer but from the family you can just get on with being natural no forced posing no forced smiles

The emphasis on my session is about having fun.
To me its important that the person being photographed is totally at ease and this can not be achieved in a hot studio.

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