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There is no moment that compares to the moment you hold your newborn baby, After 9 months of waiting and feeling uncomfortable and hours of labor your bundle of joy is here

1) Being a mum myself I know this wonderful feeling to you your wrinkle scrunched up little baby will be the best looking baby in the world. Many babies are born with odd shaped heads they may look pointed or look flat, this is normal.

2) Not long after baby arrives it poo,s yes and its like thick black tar, The idea of having  some sort of paint scraper comes to mind as  this first black stinky poo takes ages to clean off. Not to worry after a couple of these nasty nappy fillers babies poo turns yellow like mustard and even seems to look if it has seeds in it.

3) Babies skin goes through lots of changes and most new borns do not have nice peachy looking skin, Its normal for the skin to be a reddish colour with lots of marks and blotches. I highly recommend scratch mitts as for some reason new babies always seem to scratch their little faces. In the first 4 weeks baby's skin will appear very dry especially in all those little creases .
4) Babies suffer from sticky eyes as they have blocked tear ducts a baby cant cry any tears until around 3 weeks old. Just gentle clean babies eyes with some cool boiled water and cotton wool use a fresh cotton wool ball for each eye.

5) The umbilical cord in UK hospitals a clip is applied to the cord like a huge peg, it will fall off after about 7 days, as the umbilical cord turns yellow then black and falls off.

6) Breast or bottle well to be honest mum the choice is yours. I have done both feeding methods. OK so breast is best or is it? Breast fed babies tend to be more unsettled and want feeding more frequently and seem to be much harder to get into a feeding routine. In the first few days you breast feed you will suffer after pains worse then labor pains. Will your breast get sore? Yes they will, you will also have to watch your diet and wont be able to take any strong pain killers.
If you opt to bottle feed you will know just how much feed your baby has taken, your partner will be able to help, you can eat what you like and take pain killers.
On a personal note I breast fed two of my children and bottle fed two .It has made no difference to their health or growth as they have grown up, nor has it made any difference to their teeth or eye sight, it has not made them more or less intelligent. It has not made them fatter. It’s totally down to choice how you decide to feed your infant.

7) Sleep. Yes babies do sleep a lot in fact they can’t tell the difference between night and day. If this is your first baby seriously take this advice and when baby sleeps you go to sleep. Stuff the housework. Live on ready meals for a few weeks it wont hurt. Sleep deprivation will now become the norm, Says she who lays awake waiting for the 18 year old to come home. If you have a toddler see if grandma or aunt can help and maybe take the toddler off your hands for a few hours in the first weeks. Don’t try and carry on as normal and be super mum do take any offers of help. Even if it’s a friend offering to do your laundry for a few days .

8) Babies breathe really fast about  twice as fast as adults they take very shallow breaths, like every parent you will spend hours staring at them to make sure they are breathing. This is perfectly normal all parents do it.

9) Babies can’t figure out how to breath through their mouths if their nose is blocked up, hence all the snorting and sneezing

10) Babies are wonderful and precious, Babies are an everyday miracle, here you are holding this new little life you have created. Make the most of it lots of cuddles you cant spoil a baby by loving it. The more you hold baby the better, you are not going to turn it into some clingy little spoilt monster, After all do you remember being a baby?
From Mum to Mum babies grow up they are not forever, they soon turn into cheeky toddlers, then into small children where they start to question the world around them and form their own ideas, next comes the tweenie stage at about 8 years where you will be told “I HATE YOU”, then the teenage stage in boys this stage lasts forever, sulking moaning, the URGH response when asked something.
Cherish each moment with your baby, as babies don’t keep.

Lastly if you would like some beautiful pictures of your new baby taken in the comfort of your own home, with plenty of time for feeding and clothing change
All for the special price of £25.00 sitting fee with a free print and a baby proof photographer. Then do please contact me. Guaranteed to handle each  new little person with care and to provide you with a wonderful keepsake of the new little person in your life.


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