Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What Happens when it rains???

I visited a lovely family in Diss for the first time in March 2010, unfortunately about 30 minutes after my arrival in March the heavens opened in true British style, The rain just started and went on until dusk fell. Although I got a few good pictures I certainly wasn’t happy. So arranged a free revisit once the weather turned nicer.

So on Sunday 4 July I made the trip back to Diss, the weather was glorious . This meant little A was free to run around her rather large cottage garden while I took her pictures, We even persuaded mum and dad to join in.

Many a time people ask what happens when it rains, well if it rains on your wedding day we have to compromise and take images inside or use props such as umbrellas.

If it rains on the day your lifestyle session is booked as long as the session fee has been paid in full it can be rebooked at no extra charge. In some cases I leave the booking open and once the weather picks up I ring you to schedule a day your available.

Of course many people prefer lifestyle session during the summer months when clothing is lighter and children can be on the beach, Yet don’t dismiss Autumn and winter. I have completed a few wonderful sessions on autumn days with the wonderful tones of golds and reds. Winter has its own beauty dress up warm add a bright scarf and get out in the chilly frost or if your really lucky the snow.

Lifestyle means just that it captures your family style, how you interact together, how you laugh and have fun. 

School summer holidays are fast approaching and to give people the chance of sampling a lifestyle session I have lowed my family  session price to just £30, this offer will include a free print of your choice as well as the many options to purchase prints,canvas,other wall hanging options and photo-books.

Remember a Lifestyle photo session can take place where you like, maybe your garden, a park or beach, Maybe some where special to you. No upright studio poses no say cheese. What better way to capture the true spirit of your family and memories of your children that will last forever
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I believe a photo session should be about what you want not what the photographer wants

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