Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Day My MAC went wrong

We are all told and told again to back up our files, well I use two different back up options one is Time machine, the other is just an external hard drive where every image I have ever taken is stored in its raw state.

My external hard drive is spilt into  years so 2008,2009 and 2010
next it contains folders in months  for example JAN 2010, some folders have clients names on,
so you see I'm all backed up

Ok so here is what happened, I switched on my MAC in the morning to work on some images stored on my external hard drive, every thing was fine and in tact working well, I also had some CF cards with clients RAW images on so backed those up twice, Got a phone call from an old friend so shut down the computer unplugged every thing and went out.

That evening I decided to continue working on some clients images. Duly plugged in the computer and switched it on. Oh what's happening it seemed to take a really long time to load, and when my screen loaded it was a completely different background from the one I had in the morning?, The little rainbow wheel kept spinning and spinning, 30 minutes later it stopped but all my desk top icons were missing?

I clicked on my files folder and  rainbow disc kept spinning? Very odd, Then random files kept popping up on the desktop like 3d png more and more files kept appearing in random places, EEK

when my picture folders appeared they were all empty??!!!!

yes every single image had gone, I restarted the MAC guess what? it started fine this time, but not an image to be found, checked my back up all the folders were in tact but empty!

Decided to check my external hard drive on my other computer, At first I was like PHEW, every folder was there . BUT oh no when I clicked on any folder made in 2010, even if it just had a clients name it was empty.

Sensibly I had purchased the APPLE care plan, so  called them, they told me to insert the diagnostic care plan utility disc. This checks the MAC for faults well 30 minutes later every thing had passed nothing wrong.

The man talks me through a reinstall while preserving data , err this didn't work either

I then get an appointment at Thurrock only a 100 mile round trip to take my heavy MAC into the APPLE store (have you tried carrying a 21 inch MAC through Lakeside?)

Eventually I get seen 20 minutes after my appointment time, Little guy looks up my case number and says oh its over heating then?? err no I say, he does a trash and burn without any attempt to  find lost data, then tells me its fine nothing wrong,

I refuse to take the MAC home 3 days later Apple call me to tell me they have cleaned the MAC as it was dusty so this may have made it over heat, they have install snow leopard for me and Iworks, when can i come and get the computer?

Now my dilemma is what do I do next? Obviously  the external hard drive is going off to try and have the data retrieved, Yet talking to companies that do this there seems little hope as MAC is LINUX based and has  its own way of saving data.. Lost of earning for me is extremely high. So where do I go from here what do I do next

Answers please

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