Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hardest photographic subject of them all yourself

To be a good photographer you need to portray people and objects well, Self portraits seem to be an in thing at the moment, so I thought why not give it ago,
GEE its hard
armed with tripod and remote shutter fire i have set out this week to try and capture the inner me

The moods, emotions, the real person that makes me
I am a mum cuddly, wrinkly middle aged
Inside i am 16 fun outgoing impulsive and a little eccentric
its very hard to capture that
My image of self today was moody, I was feeling down as had tons of washing and house work to do
A beautiful day wasted apart from a trip to the park with my younger two kids this afternoon

putting myself in front of the camera is giving me a new insight into how people behave on a shoot, made me think about what is the best capture, Is putting my camera skills to the test creating lighting and moods, Its fun but also very embarrassing
I recommend this for any photographer to try as its very challenging

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