Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lost Blog and busy

Sounds good really yes i lost my original blog, Get a new password i hear you say, i would do but have lost my long time email pass word, Yes my windows PC decided its life was over its little light went out and that was in,

repair cost did not warrant the expense and I had typically saved everything on the computer
what i have learn t windows is so unstable hence now i work on MAC, computers are not reliable so now have a little pass word book

I am now a convert to MAC its so much faster for my processing needs and does not crash or ask me to wait while windows does this or that, easy to move files just drag and drop simple.

Unfortunately now it means my daily blog has been lost hence the mighty three postings on this one

well whats new
I have my own make up and hair stylists fully qualified six years experience with cosmetic companies, working on make up for films and TV,

she also does bridal make up as well as extreme make overs

so a new service will be offered to clients for a make over portrait session and I will also be able to offer my brides to be a full make up and hair service as well as being their wedding photographer

In the new year i plan to offer wedding stationary as well which will save couples even more money giving them an all in one package price

I also think i will be the first photographer in Braintree to offer this service

so its a busy time of year with winter approaching and Autumn almost in full swing, making some lovely light and backdrops for outside portrait sessions

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