Saturday, 17 October 2009

What a week!! Swine flu saga

Oh dear oh dear, I havent had time this week to update my blog, my little girl has had the dreaded swine flu, well so the doctor said who would not come out and see her.
He just told me to ring the national flu hotline, where you have to answer some questions put to you by a Doctor err no a uni student studying English. If you answer yes to any of the below four questions then you have swine flu
1) does the patient have a temperature ? A) YES
2) does the patient have a sore throat? A) YES
3) Is the patient more tired then normal? A) YES
4) Does the patient have a headache? A) YES

so according to uni student my daughter has Swine flu, he then goes on to issue me with a top secret number to obtain Tami flu

er so my daughter has now been prescribed a drug which has all sorts of side effects and a doctor hasnt seen her!!!!

I duly phone my GP on Monday as she is still ill but chirpy in between calpol . "sorry I cant come out keep her on the Tami-flu" says the GP but i havent even gone and got the tami-flu stuff

Wednesday comes daughters sore throat is getting worse oh my her tonsils are covered in white yucky stuff, it does not take a doctor to see this child has tonsillitis well to cut the story short it wasnt until Friday a GP would bravely venture out to see her after my constant phone calls, yes he arrived wearing a mask and rubber gloves, I felt like painting a red warning cross on my door

here is what he said " Oh she does not have Swine flu she has Tonsillitis " shock horror guess mum was right all along then

moral to GP,s a parent knows its child better then anyone else, we also know when our kids are ill
I wouldnt advice anyone to take an immune destroying drug such as Tami-flu without making sure you do have Swine flu

A good test is get a friend to wave a million pound outside your window if you really can not lift a finger towards it then you are ill with flu, If every joint hurts so much and your head is so bad breathing hurts and you really cant move then you have flu
if you just feel chitty and have a sore throat runny nose but can get up for the loo and drink a cup of tea then its a cold
Men get man flu this is totally different to what women and children suffer from, its a form of attention seeking and feeling sorry for themselves and is usually nothing more then a slight cold, If a man can complain and make moaning grunting noises then he has Man flu, nothing more.

treatment for this is 24 hours of being sympathetic to him there after just kick his butt and he will be cured

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