Monday, 19 April 2010


Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a delightful family all in the comfort of their own home so no stress for Mum and Dad to get a 3 year old and 15 month old ready and off to a studio.

When I arrived the two children were happily at play in the garden, busy with sand and bouncing on the trampoline. The 15 month old wasnt so sure of me but the three year old was very relaxed and made me a sand ice cream!

Because the children were relaxed Mum and Dad were also very laid back, I started off by just playing with the children in the garden with a nice cool orange juice.

Had this family had an appointment with a studio they would have had about a 30 minute slot, Or had they decided to use a visiting high street photographer like the ones that visit stores then they would have been in a cue and had a 5 minute slot. It doesn't matter to me how long it takes to get the children relaxed as I only book one session a day so I am not on a timer.

The added beauty is having lots of different images done Mum is expecting their third child so some nice maternity shots were in order,
some nice relaxed family group shots, some lovey dovey shots of Mum and Dad and then some shots to capture their children doing what children do

It was all relaxed the kids were allowed to be kids and run about have fun, play with toys and even pull faces at the camera

The emphasis on my style of photography is fun, I dont want strictly posed session with a timer, I dont rush, I listen to what you as a family or individual want, and do my best to capture it for you

If you would like a photo session with me then please do visit my website and contact me, also look out for some very special offers in the coming months

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