Monday, 5 April 2010


I had such a great time and brilliant fun when I turned up for my photo session with three 16 year old lads

I have a brand new option for style to appeal more to teenagers, offering a more vibrant dynamic up to date images

So far my Teens love it

I like to make sure my service to my clients reflects them so by offering these unique art works means I not only capture the moment but also the time

Looking back these lads will have vibrant dynamic images which reflect the exciting carefree teenaged years of their life of course we also do the routine photos for parents and Grandparents to keep

With the option of up to date trendy frames or canvas wraps these images are sure to last and take pride of place for many years

So how do you capture teens well you let them be, I allowed my teens to pick between four locations, all within a short distance from their homes, I felt it important to listen to them and allow them a choice of location,
Before I got the camera out I had a chat with them about what they wanted from their photo session, For example asking if they wanted me to go through some posing with them, what type of images did they want, They decided on moody and fun,
I then walked with them just pointing out locations in the area that would offer a good background and explained to them if i took the picture here we would have this and this in the background, where as take it here and we have this nice urban backdrop. I felt this again involved them and allowed them to pick what they wanted.

I explained to them what lenses I would use as one lad was very interested in the camera I allowed him to take some shots of his friends
The time spent talking to the lads is not time out of the session time . Its to involve them and to allow them to relax

Yes its hard work on the photographer, but there is no other way to capture the natural personality of someone unless you allow them to be themselves

All these lads had a great time the session was fun, demanding we had lots of laughter and all the lads decided how they wanted to pose so I took my direction from them. They loved it so much they want another session at Chappel Viaduct which is a great location

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Robby said...

You got some great shots of them!!!