Tuesday, 6 April 2010


This is a question I am asked frequently. How do I explain Lifestyle portraits or Lifestyle sessions as I like to call them.

Well for a start its a photo session, Its not in a cramped hot studio but at a location of your choice

Your choice could be your back garden, A local park, a meadow, a beach, a place you like to walk, or some where special to you, maybe the place you first met your loved one, maybe some where that just has sentimental value to you, any where you feel relaxed.

So ok we are now in the great outdoors the best studio in the world with wonderful natural light, Giving you or your children gentle light and tones to your skin rather then the forced flash in a studio

You have room to move around, maybe go for a walk or have a look at the lake, hold hands or play BOO around a tree, maybe you just want to sit for a while, or run and jump,

Lifestyle aims to capture the true you, your true family, the cheeky look your child may give you when he wants to play chase. The surprise on your partners face as you swing her round in your arms. The subtleness of a cuddle or a gentle kiss.

Where children are involved we can play at flying a kite or chasing bubbles, Its great to get dad involved as well, nothing beats an image of dad throwing his child up above his shoulders, or the tenderness of mums gentle cuddle.

Now the days are getting longer how about some nice early evening images taken walking hand in hand along the shore line, a romantic kiss as the sun goes down, lots of couples like to have these session.

So what does Lifestyle mean, well I would say capturing the true person, capturing the love shared not just by husband and wife, but by mother and child, father and child, the most important aspect of your family, the tenderness and love you share

My session aim to give you image your cherish time and time again, they wont be posed there certainly wont be any forced smiles, each image will give a true representation of the person at that moment in time

As Lifestyle session are relatively new to the UK Andrea;s photographer is offering a 10% discount on the session fee as well as a free 7"x5.5" paperback book of images from the session. All you need to do is book your lifestyle session before the end of May 2010, To find out how to book and to see a small sample of lifestyle images from babies to adults please visit my website

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