Monday, 26 April 2010


well folks no one can moan about last weeks weather, its been glorious, Ive had a busy week, with family, seminars, and photography.

To start the week I spent Tuesday with Jeff Turnbull learning more about the business side of photography . This week was all about websites, Jeff is a great Photographer you can visit his website ""

Later in the week I went to see the pig sheep, yes it is a real animal

Its a Mangalitza and you can visit three of them at the wonderful ""

Saturday I had the chance to add more bridal images to my expanding portfolio
It was a beautiful day and the bride looked radiant, I am sure the sunshine made her very happy

Such a lovely day to be able to sit the bride down to ease some of the weight of her dress, Oh yes wedding dress,s are very heavy

I guess the sun bought out the romance in the day to, certainly seems they had a perfect day

Then I also had a great lifestyle session at the wonderful backdrop of Chapel Viaduct, such a nice little lad and his puppy what a sweet pair to work with

So I had a great week meeting lots of lovely people, doing some photo sessions with some wonderful people and of course such a sweet little puppy...

now back to working on the website and getting equipment ready for the weekends weddings

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